Custom Assessment Creation

Vidyaatech specializes in creating tailored assessments to suit various educational or organizational needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their objectives and design assessments that effectively measure desired outcomes.

Process to Deliver Assessments

Needs Assessment

We begin by conducting a thorough needs assessment with the client to understand their objectives, target audience, and desired learning outcomes.

Collaborative Design

Our team collaborates closely with the client to design assessments that align with the identified goals and objectives. This involves selecting appropriate assessment methods, developing test items or questions, and ensuring alignment with curriculum standards.

Iterative Feedback

Throughout the development process, we solicit feedback from the client to ensure that the assessments meet their expectations. This iterative approach allows for adjustments and revisions as needed.

Quality Assurance

Before final delivery, our assessments undergo rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure accuracy, validity, and reliability. This includes reviewing for clarity, alignment with objectives, and adherence to best practices in assessment design.

Custom Curriculum Development

Vidyaatech offers custom curriculum development services, ensuring that learning materials align with specific educational standards or organizational goals. Our experienced team collaborates with clients to design engaging and comprehensive curricula.

Process to Deliver Curriculum

Needs Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to identify the clients educational objectives, target audience characteristics, and any specific requirements or constraints.

Curriculum Design

Based on the needs analysis, our instructional design team collaborates with subject matter experts and stakeholders to design a customized curriculum. This includes defining learning objectives, sequencing content, selecting instructional strategies, and identifying assessment methods.

Content Development

Our team develops engaging and interactive learning materials, including presentations, activities, assessments, and multimedia elements. We ensure that all content is aligned with the curriculum objectives and supports active learning.

Review and Revision

The curriculum undergoes multiple rounds of review and revision, with feedback incorporated from both the client and internal reviewers. This ensures that the final product meets quality standards and aligns with the clients vision.

Custom Test Prep

Vidyaatech provides customized test preparation solutions tailored to different exams or certifications. Whether its for standardized tests or specialized assessments, our team develops materials to help learners effectively prepare for success.

Process to Deliver Test Prep

Content Analysis

We analyze the content and format of the target exam or assessment to understand its structure, content domains, and question types.

Resource Development

Our team develops customized study materials, practice questions, and test simulations tailored to the specific exam requirements. This may include creating study guides, flashcards, quizzes, and full-length practice tests.

Feedback and Improvement

We collect feedback from learners and instructors to identify areas for improvement in the test prep materials. This feedback is used to make iterative improvements and updates to ensure the effectiveness of the resources.

Performance Monitoring

Throughout the test prep process, we monitor learner performance and engagement to assess the effectiveness of the materials. This allows us to make data-driven adjustments to improve learning outcomes.

Custom Storyboards

Vidyaatech offers custom storyboard creation services for e-learning content. Our team collaborates with clients to visualize and plan engaging multimedia presentations, ensuring that the content effectively communicates key concepts.

Process to Deliver Storyboards

Content Planning

We collaborate with the client to understand the content to be presented and the desired learning objectives. This includes reviewing existing materials, identifying key messages, and outlining the storyboard structure.

Storyboard Creation

Our team creates detailed storyboards that outline the visual elements, narration, interactions, and transitions for each e-learning module. This serves as a blueprint for the development of multimedia-rich content.

Review and Feedback

The storyboards undergo review and feedback cycles with the client to ensure alignment with their vision and objectives. Adjustments are made based on client input to refine the storyboard until it meets their satisfaction.


Once approved, the final storyboard serves as the foundation for the development of multimedia assets, such as animations, videos, simulations, and interactive elements, ensuring consistency and coherence in the final product.

DEI Reviews

Vidyaatech conducts Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) reviews to assess and enhance the inclusivity of educational materials. Our team provides recommendations for improving diversity and representation to create more inclusive learning environments.

Process to Deliver DEI

Content Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the clients e-learning content to assess its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) characteristics. This includes reviewing representation, language use, cultural relevance, accessibility features, and inclusivity of perspectives.

Feedback and Recommendations

Based on the evaluation, we provide detailed feedback and recommendations for enhancing DEI in the content. This may include suggestions for incorporating diverse voices and perspectives, addressing bias, and improving accessibility for learners with disabilities.

Implementation Support

We offer support and guidance to the client in implementing the recommendations, including providing training for content creators and instructional designers on DEI best practices and principles.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We monitor the implementation of DEI recommendations and evaluate their impact on learner engagement, satisfaction, and learning outcomes. This allows us to make ongoing adjustments and improvements to ensure inclusivity and effectiveness.

Course Customization

Vidyaatech offers course customization services to tailor existing e-learning courses to clients specific needs and preferences. We modify content, activities, assessments, and media elements to align with client objectives and target audience. Customization options include branding, language localization, accessibility features, and integration with existing learning management systems (LMS). Our flexible approach allows clients to adapt courses to unique requirements and evolving learning needs.

Process to Deliver Course Customization

Needs Assessment

We conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand the clients objectives, target audience characteristics, existing resources, and constraints.

Customization Plan

Based on the needs assessment, we develop a customization plan outlining the scope, timeline, deliverables, and resources required for the project.

Content Adaptation

Our team adapts existing e-learning content or develops new materials to meet the clients specific requirements and preferences. This may involve modifying content, activities, assessments, and multimedia elements to align with the clients instructional goals.

Review and Feedback

The customized course materials undergo review and feedback cycles with the client to ensure alignment with their vision and objectives. Adjustments are made based on client input to refine the materials until they meet their satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Before final delivery, the customized course materials undergo rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure accuracy, functionality, and usability. This includes testing for technical issues, reviewing for content accuracy and coherence, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices.

Custom Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Vidyaatech develops customized lesson plans and worksheets to support various educational initiatives. Our team works closely with clients to create materials that reinforce learning objectives and engage learners effectively.

Process to Deliver Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Objective Alignment

We work closely with the client to understand the learning objectives and desired outcomes for the lesson plans and worksheets.

Resource Development

Our team develops customized lesson plans and worksheets that align with the learning objectives and instructional strategies. This may include designing activities, exercises, assessments, and supplementary materials to support learning.

Differentiation and Adaptation

We ensure that the lesson plans and worksheets are tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of learners. This may involve incorporating differentiation strategies to accommodate various learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds.

Review and Revision

The lesson plans and worksheets undergo review and revision cycles with the client to ensure alignment with their instructional goals and standards. Feedback is incorporated to refine the materials until they meet the clients satisfaction.

Integration and Implementation

We provide guidance and support to the client in integrating the lesson plans and worksheets into their instructional practices. This may include training for educators on how to effectively use the materials and adapt them to meet the needs of their learners.