Authoring Services

Vidyaatech provides professional authoring services to create engaging and effective learning materials. Our team collaborates with clients to develop interactive courses, multimedia presentations, and instructional content that aligns with their educational objectives.

Question and Answer (QnA) Service

Our Q&A service provides succinct, understandable answers to all of your queries, similar to having a study partner helping you get ready for tests. Whether you need help grasping complex ideas or getting your questions answered, our QnA service is here to assist you in your learning process.

Process to Deliver Assessments

Needs Assessment

Our team collects relevant questions and their corresponding answers from subject matter experts or educational resources.

Content Gathering

Our team collects relevant questions and their corresponding answers from subject matter experts or educational resources.

Content Curation

We organize and refine the gathered content to ensure clarity, accuracy, and relevance to the target audience.


The curated QnA content is integrated into the client's platform, whether it's a knowledge base, FAQ section, or interactive learning module

Testing and Optimization

We conduct user testing to ensure that the QnA content effectively addresses user queries and make any necessary optimizations based on feedback

Text-based Solutions (TBS)

Consider this your first choice for well-written study guides. Our text-based solutions, which range from thorough study guides to enlightening essays, are made to support you in understanding difficult subjects and performing well academically.

Process to deliver TBS

Topic Selection

The client identifies the subjects or topics for which they need text-based solutions.

Research and Development:

Our team conducts extensive research to gather authoritative sources and information on the chosen topics.

Content Creation

We craft comprehensive text-based solutions, ensuring that they cover key concepts, provide explanations, and include relevant examples

Quality Assurance

The written content undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks for accuracy, coherence, and alignment with educational standards.


The finalized text-based solutions are integrated into the client's platform, enriching the learning resources available to students or educators

Alt Text Writing

As with captions and descriptions for charts and diagrams in textbooks, alt text writing makes sure that all readers, including those who are blind, may access and comprehend your study materials. It's about ensuring that every student can participate in learning

Process to deliver Alternative Text

Content Identification

The client provides images, diagrams, or visual content that require alt text descriptions.

Alt Text Creation

Our team crafts descriptive alt text for each visual element, ensuring that it conveys relevant information to users with visual impairments


The Alt text descriptions are integrated into the client's platform alongside visual content, enhancing accessibility for all users.

Accessibility Audit

We conduct an accessibility audit to ensure platform compliance with industry standards for accessibility.

User Training

We provide training materials/resources to educate platform users on the importance of alt text and maximizing accessible features.

Video Solutions

Just picture being able to access interesting video guides that make your textbooks come to life. To help you better comprehend difficult subjects and ace your examinations, we provide visually stunning explanations and demonstrations through our video solutions service

Process to deliver Alternative Text

Content Planning

Clients outline the educational topics or concepts they want to present through video content.

Script Development

Our team develops scripts for the videos, breaking down complex concepts into engaging and easy-to-understand segments.

Storyboarding and Production

We create visual storyboards and produce high-quality videos, incorporating animations, graphics, and narration as needed.

Review and Feedback

Clients review the videos and provide feedback for any necessary revisions or enhancements.

Finalization and Distribution

Once revisions are made, the final video solutions are distributed through the client's platform, enhancing the learning experience for users.

Through this systematic approach, we ensure that the client receives tailored and impactful authoring services that enrich their platform's content and drive positive learning outcomes for students and educators alike

These services make learning more approachable, interesting, and efficient—they're like having a personal academic support system that looks out for your needs. Our resources are designed to support you in your academic endeavours, whether you're preparing for tests, completing assignments, or trying to improve your comprehension of difficult subjects.